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Hey, I'm Ashley Williams.

I'm a professional multimedia producer based in West Palm Beach, FL. I capture photo/video for a variety of businesses, people, and events. I'm a generalist - I do a little bit of everything, and it is so much fun.

I admire people who go hard at what they do, and that is who I serve.

My passion is rooted in supporting growing brands and finding joy in work. Starting and running a business is a bold choice - I come from a family of entrepreneurs, and I've seen the good and bad unfold. Crafting digital media content isn't something the brains of a brand has much time to do, and I can help them do their best by doing what I do best. 

Capturing the fun of an experience  and showing off how vibrant people and things naturally are is what I look for.  When I put together a shoot, the 'why' is the most important thing. My photography style isn't just about pretty vanity shots - it's about you, your brand, and what you want to say. I shoot with the goal in mind to represent my clients in the best way possible every time.

I have 10 years of photography experience, and video for 2 years. I am deep in this kind of work every day full time at an award-winning marketing agency called Digital Resource  in West Palm Beach, FL.

In my free time, I enjoy cooking, studying for new certifications,  reading, and hiking outside of Florida. I have a deep love for electronic music and dancing - I plan local dance meetups, too! You can probably find me at a kava bar reading something.

Other nice-to-know education and experience:

Grow With Google: Project Management Certification (in progress)

Part 107 Commercial Drone Certification (in progress)

University of Florida, B.S. in Advertising (2018)

International Baccalaureate Programme (IB) - Visual Arts

Full C/V

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